Thursday, April 27, 2017

One more for now

This was shot at ArrowHead lake, 40mins south of Revelstoke.
Pentax 645Z, 200mm Pentax prime lens with Lee Filters Little Stopper (6 stops) and graduated soft edge .6ND filter for sky.

Some inspiration in the mountains

On a recent trip to BC to visit my son, I carved off a few days to travel with my gear and photograph some scenes from the majestic Rockies.  The weather was marginal with no shortage of rain, drizzle and overcast skies.  This created some real challenges because I was trying to shoot with ND filters and many of my shots were ruined with water droplets.  I felt pretty disappointed with the results but on my return, I was pleasantly surprised by a handful of shots.  I will share some of these over the coming days and weeks.  This first one was shot along west side of Okanagan Lake.  It's a bit of a cliche image (docks and piers shot with ND filters), but I still really like it and decided it was worthy of sharing.  Hope you like it!