Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Newfoundland and Labrador Part 2

OK, it's been a bit more than a week .. but life just keeps getting in the way.  So, better late than never, here's a few more shots from the Labrador Highway bike trip. I'll post another round in Pt 3 soon.

This is the South West coast of Newfoundland, near the Port aux Basque ferry.  Gorgeous rocky coastline with pounding waves.  This area is know for winds that are strong enough to topple motorhomes and transport trucks.  The road along the coast has wind warning signs and the locals say that every year someone gets rolled.

This shot is near Baei Comeau Quebec.  This is the coastal highway that runs from Quebec City east and terminates just beyond Sept Isle Quebec.  The government of Quebec has plans to join this with the other end and complete the loop along the coast to the Labrador highway.  Right now, if you drive the Labrador Highway, you arrive at the Atlantic coast with nowhere to go but back or across the ferry to Newfoundland. Baie Comeau, Quebec is the point where one starts the journey north to Labrador.

The road to Labrador is partly in Quebec and is a mix of pavement and pavement and gravel.  Once in Labrador, there's about 600Kms of new pavement and then it turns to gravel for another 600Kms.  The roads seem to go on forever without a soul on them.

This shot is taken along the coastline of the Northwest Peninsula in Newfoundland (another windy area).  This is a long finger of land that extends north to the top of Newfoundland at St. Anthony.

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