Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Labrador Highway by Motorcycle - Part 1

Hi Folks,

It's been a while since I've posted much.  I've been shooting off and on but not taking the time to share; breaking one of my own rules that I believe is so important - sharing makes you a better photographer.

Anyway, since it's been a while, some of you may not want to get these messages anymore.  If that's the case, please just reply and I'll remove you right away.

Today's post is from a recent motorcycle trip where I rode the Labrador Highway solo. I wanted to experience this highway before it's entirely paved. At this point there is still about 800kms of gravel, but there is work under way to pave it all. In all I covered nearly 6,000 kms in 9 days that took me through Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  

I had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing friendly people.  I'll share some experiences as I send additional photos over the coming week.
During my ride, I had my trusted Sony A7R in my tank bag ready for an impromptu roadside shot wherever I needed it.  I'll post a few photos each, a couple of times over the next week or so.  These will also be available on the blog.

As a side note, I took a photography workshop with Ming Thein this past spring in beautiful Prague.  Ming is a master and absolute technical perfectionist.  I followed his work for some time before committing to a workshop with him. It was a intense and I learned much from him in just one week.  One big focus area was composing for image balance.  I've been working with what I've learned and I hope that it is subtly reflected in my work.

Hope you enjoy.


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