Sunday, May 11, 2014

An unplanned adventure in Frankfurt, Germany

Hi folks,
Sharing a few images from an unexpected pitstop this past week.  Travelling to Minsk, Belarus, I was faced with an 11 hour layover at the Frankfurt airport.  Rather than sit around and wait, I stored my bags and found a train into the city; take a bad situation and turn it into something good.  I figured that with little sleep, waiting around the airport after travelling all night was going to be pretty unpleasant... so why not check out the city, have a bratwurst, and take a few pictures.  After stumbling around like a lost tourist and trying to decipher the train schedules, I finally managed to get a ticket and find my train.  Boarding the train, I was surprised to find that nobody even checked for the ticket.  There’s a sign posted in the train (in German) warning of a 40 Euro fine for non-payment but it seems its a system based on honesty.

The ride was smooth and I have to say it was the cleanest, most modern train I’ve ever been on.  Smooth, quiet and absolutely spotless inside.  Likewise, the Frankfurt station was spotless.  A historic building bustling with morning travellers and many train lines; reminding me of a New York train station, only cleaner.  There was no shortage of people and activity, but not a scrap of garbage to be seen anywhere.

Arriving at the Frankfurt train station

On arrival, not knowing where to go or what to do, I figured the best bet was to find the waterway and walk along it.  And so, a short distance from the train station, I started with a walk down the Main river

A city that appears to be rapidly growing, cranes are everywhere.  Alongside the Main, a mix of lovely green gardens.

Every city has its graffiti; it appears that local artists are very particular about their work.

Walking along the Rhine led me to older parts of the city and I was not disappointed; all the charm you would expect

Walkways of cobblestone

A courtyard for tourists.  This area was reportedly rebuilt after being mostly destroyed in the war.

Modern architecture amongst the old buildings

A cafe makes use of Edison style lightbulbs in a mix of modern and historic

An example, just one of many restaurants and sidewalk cafes that present my mind’s eye version of Germany.

A street musician takes a break and drifts off in the cool morning air.

Where most taxis are Mercedes Benz

And American fast food finds its place 

And my biggest surprise of all… who’d of thought???

If you’re stuck with a long layover in Frankfurt or any other city for that matter, don’t accept the long waits.  Grab a train or a cab and have yourself an unplanned adventure.

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