Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Frozen Swamp

On this 18th day of February, I head out to a nearby frozen swamp to get adjusted to a new pair of snowshoes.  Despite an adequate 30" platform, I sink to my knees in over 3ft of very soft snow.  The day is beautiful.  Though it's still -10c, the bright February sun offers a bit of warmth (perhaps only in my imagination) and makes for a crisp but enjoyable afternoon.  With my lightweight Sony A7R and a tiny Zeiss 50mm, I make yet another attempt to capture the feeling of this place.  I have been here before and shot it a few times, but the results were never to my liking.  This time I come closer than ever before. On past attempts I had ventured only to the perimeter of this frozen swamp.  This time, equipped with snowshoes, I venture deep into the swamp and find the images that I was looking for.  

A few of these are shared below in this post.

The late afternoon sun delicately highlights the sculpted snow surface.  As I compose this shot of a small plant poking through, I am drawn to my shadow and see a story unfolding in an image.

Surrounded by the frozen tree trunks of this swamp, I capture a 120 megapixel panoramic image that will print at over 50 inches wide.

This little scruff of plant creates a delicate symmetry that stops me in my tracks.  Poking through the deep snow, it catches the setting sun and casts its shadow alongside that of much larger trees. 

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