Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The beauty that is right in front of you

Hi folks,
I'm sending out a few images today that I shot recently.  With not much time on my hands, spectacular mountains, rivers and streams are out and instead I look to shoot what is right around me.  

These images demonstrate that you don't need to go to the ends of the earth to create a beautiful image.  A subject can be something simple, something in front of you every day, and yet still very compelling.  What lacks in subject grandness can be made up for in creative seeing … capturing light, shadow, colour and line.  With the changing light of the day, these images appear and disappear constantly.  What was just a boring glass ten minutes prior, becomes a beautiful subject with the right light.  Watch for light and shadow and notice how the world around you constantly changes.  

In this first image, there is little but elegant lines that bend light and capture the blues, greens and ambers of the world outside.  Here, the glass sits in a window, and the setting sun provides soft warm light. The circle shape is actually the top of the glass which broke off a few days prior; a perfect clean break.  I don't know what caused the break but it became the perfect, simple subject matter.

This next image was taken at roughly the same time.  A different window with the setting sun warmly illuminating the wooden window tines.  Ten minutes later this photo would not have worked; the lighting makes it. The image also carries the symbolic power of the Christian cross but again it would be lost without the light.  The small hint of curtain across the corner, partly obscuring the cross adds dimension to the photo; without it the image appears flat.  The use of a classic lens and shallow depth of field offers a very relaxed rendering that I think works well for this image.

These images were captured with a Ricoh GXR, M Module and Leica Summilux 75mm lens.

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