Sunday, November 3, 2013

A visit to Utah

On a recent business trip, I had the opportunity to visit Salt Lake City, Utah.  The area features a unique mix of what I would call "Southern Mountains" and "Northern Mountains"; let me explain.  Heading further south, the landscape turn to the famous red rock mountains and canyons where the terrain is mostly desert and the rock is stunning shades of red and orange.  Further north, the mountains are covered with dense tree life and topped with barren harsh rock and snow.  Here, you find a bit of both.  Valleys can be quite lush with Aspen trees (appear to be cousins to our White Birch), mountain tops are covered in snow, but other areas resemble more of the barren desert.

Seen here are some shots from my weekend layover where I had a chance to join my friend Tony Sarra and his wife Deb on a tour of the countryside.  Along the way, we stopped at Robert Redford's famous Sundance Lodge; home to the Sundance Film Festival.  Though mostly work, it was nice to have a weekend break to take in some of the gorgeous Utah scenery.

All images seen here were shot with the Leica M9.

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