Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tallow Trail - Charleston Lake Provincial Park

As part of my training for the upcoming Rockies expedition, I'm hiking several times per week.  The Tallow Trail at Charleston Lake is an amazing 10 Km hike with a mixture of cliffs, swamps, steep inclines and beautiful canopied forests.  The trail starts at Charleston Lake Provincial Park.  The first 1 Km or so is pretty easy going but then you're past the intro trail and into the real stuff.  The trail is narrow and at times quite aggressive with steep rocky inclines. The trail winds around and over huge rock formations that resemble blue whales coming out of the ground.  At times, you get an amazing view from high up, and at times you're walking under a lush canopied forest.  It's quite a hike taking about 3 to 4 hours; an amazingly beautiful trail and quite rewarding.  I've lived in the general area for most of my life and I can say that this trail is one of the nicest that I have ever hiked.

The trail

A few photos from the day

Directions to get there:

From Lansdowne, Ontario, head North until you see signs for the park.  The park is located on Woodvale Rd, but the signs will take you there.  Park admission is $14 for a day pass and well worth it.  For those wanting to spend a night, there are many campsites, some accessible by car, some only by trail.

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