Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Something Simple

This time of year, tulips are everywhere, and if there's thousands of tulips, there are most certainly thousands of tulip pictures!  It's hard to resist taking pictures of the vibrant colours after a winter of nothing but white and grey, but the net result is a lot of pretty similar looking photos of tulips.

The other day, I happened to notice the light hitting these tulips with a slightly blue cast.  I stopped and studied the flowers for a few minutes and knew that the unique lighting and arrangement would offer me a chance to capture these flowers with a strong emotional element -- if I got it right.  So off I went to grab my tripod and set up for the shot.  I shot off about 10 frames with slightly different compositions, some with just a bit of supplementary light.

The following image was the result.  To me, it's just a very simple shot, nothing special really ... but I like the feeling of this image and so I've decided to share it, titled "Something Simple."  I hope you like it!

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