Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rainy afternoon photography

Heavy grey skies, rain and ice on a Saturday afternoon; sometimes the weather outside just isn't inspiring for a photographer!  Days like this are great opportunities to do some creative indoor shooting.  Almost anything can become a good subject if you give it some interesting light.  In my case, my beloved Zeiss lens is my subject.  I confess having a bit of a lust for beautiful glass and my Zeiss ZF 100mm f2 is right up there on my all time favourites list.  A spectacular lens that is a magnificent piece of engineering; it is a treat to hold and use.

These images were shot with my Bowens 500 studio lighting, the Nikon D800E and the little brother to my Zeiss 100, the Zeiss ZF.2 50mm f2 Macro Planar; equally as nice as it's big brother.  The shoot took me a few hours to setup.  Lighting and stands, backdrop, a few trials with different light positioning, metering, and then finally the shots.  The first one (close up) is shot with only natural light, while the second was shot with a mix of strobe and natural. 

Lighting gear is still out, might do a bit more shooting!!

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