Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ottawa in the failing light

I had an opportunity to do a night shoot with a few friends last week.  A group of us dropped in on the National Gallery and then broke out the gear for a shoot from Major's Hill Park.  
While waiting for the gang to assemble, I was looking at the giant spider sculpture in front of the museum.  This is a tough subject because almost any way you shoot it, you end up with a lot of city, cars and people in the frame.  It's also difficult because it's photographed by virtually everyone that goes by with a camera.  So doing something unique and interesting is a challenge.  To me, the sculpture is creepy and I wanted to capture an almost, "War of the Worlds" kind of image.

The gang then went around the back to shoot the city in the failing light.  I have shot the Alexandria bridge from this vantage point before using a wide angle lens, and thought it would be fun to shoot it again doing something different, this time shooting with a 100mm prime lens for a very different look.  A fun night of shooting and a reminder of what a beautiful city we share.

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