Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Featured on 1x.com

Hi folks,
I'm very pleased to announce that my recent portrait titled, "Gold Rush" was accepted through the curating process to be featured on 1x.com. For those not familiar with 1x.com, it is an online gallery of work that has inspired me to aim higher, one that I have been striving to be published on for some time. Browsing through the works on that site can be a humbling experience for a photographer.

To be published, photographers submit a piece of work to the gallery curators who assess it for worthiness. 97% of submissions are rejected. When I saw yesterday that my portrait was accepted and published, I was quite thrilled. It's been a goal of mine for a while and accomplishing it was a real treat.

You can find my work on their site at this URL: http://1x.com/photo/99432/latest:all

Have a look around at the amazing works published there; it's been very inspiring for me and I'm sure you'll also enjoy it.


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