Friday, March 15, 2013

Jaipur, India - the final set of images, pt1

It's now been almost six weeks since I returned from India; an incredible journey that put my camera gear to good use with over 3,000 images.  Of course, processing them and selecting favourites is far more time consuming than clicking the shutter.  Six weeks later and I'm finally done processing the images.  Picking favourites is another story all together and depends largely on what day of the week you ask me; there are hundreds that I love.

During my time there, I experienced sights, sounds, tastes and smells that were all new to me.  At times the experience was honestly overwhelming, leaving me feeling like I was longing for the peace and quiet of home.  But, on returning home, I found that I was immediately missing India.  I can't wait to return.

Beyond the several millennia of human history and the exotic scenery, the people are the magic of India.  It takes some time to adjust to the noise and the crazy busy chaos of life there, but beyond that, there is a warm spirit, friendly exchanges and a deep kindness that you feel in your heart.  If you're open to it, India changes you.  You return home just slightly shifted and you crave for more of it.

In this blog post, I share a few more of my favourites from Jaipur, India.  

Jaipur from above

The sun sets behind the thick smog that blankets Jaipur

A woman works in the fields outside Jaipur

A hazy morning in the mustard fields

Two young boys enjoy a snack in the town of Pushkar

The arches of a mountain top fort cast shadows in the setting sun

A passing moment captured as a young girl looks back

The massive Amer palace on the outskirts of Jaipur

As with all cities, Jaipur has poverty in the streets

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