Monday, January 14, 2013

Jaipur, India - Inner City (part 4)

In a back alleyway that extends the market from the main street, a young lady smiles as I walk by.  I turn and offer to photograph her, and like many other, she nods as an offer of permission.  I quickly capture a few shots and then show her the preview on the camera.  She speaks no english but lights up when she sees the pictures.

From talking with others here, I discover that a new law was just created in India that makes it illegal to photograph a woman without her consent.  This is an effort on the part of the government to protect women.  The law is designed to protect from harassment and was brought on in response to the recent Delhi gang-rape that brought international attention and local outrage. 

In a very small alley, a young boy works at a clothing stand.  It is quite normal to see children working to help support a family.
He runs up to me with a huge smile and his hand extended.  I shake his hand and offer to photograph him.  
Minutes later, I have forever captured his magical smile.

A young man cooks snacks in oil for passers-by.  I wish that I could try this food without the fear of getting sick.  Their immune systems are developed differently and this food might well send me to the hospital.

A man pours a hot cup of chai at his tea stand.

A group of young men sit, enjoying chai in the setting sun

Another vendor prepares a batch a chai.  It's fascinating to watch them as they pour the chai from one bucket to another in what appears to be a performance for spectators.

The friendly face of an elderly man seated on the edge of the street welcomes us as we pass by.  He looks our way and offers a traditional Indian greeting of hands together and spoken, "Nemaste", meaning "I bow before you"

Sitting on the side of the road, a mother and daughter smile at me.  They are both beautiful and I ask to photograph them.  The mother offers a welcoming nod as to say, "yes, please do!"  I snap off several frames and capture this beautiful little girl and her mother.  Raaj tells me that they are often in this same place and so in the coming week I will find a place to print these images and offer them as a thank-you.  

In case you are wondering, the red line at the base of the mother's hairline is a symbol of marriage.

A street man poses for me.  I offer him a small donation in return for his talent.

A rickshaw operator smiles as I offer to photograph him.

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