Monday, January 14, 2013

Jaipur, India - Inner City (part 3)

A passing woman shelters her face from the dust and smog.

On the street corner a man smokes a cigarette.  I expected to see much more of this, but I have witnessed very few people smoking tobacco.

As we walk down a side-street, we are greeted by many street vendors. Most are seated on the ground and their produce is spread over blankets or in baskets and crates.

A woman boards a rickshaw for her journey home from the market.

As I walk along, a young man reaches out to me and calls me over.  He gestures to me, "Take my picture!"  When I agree, he playfully poses for the camera while the lady beside hime pretends to strike him with a pan.  
We all laugh and then he provides me with his address so that I can send him the picture.  I ask, "email address?" and he responds, "no email... mail address."  So, I will now be printing and sending this to him as a thank-you for the experience.

A woman looks through clothing at a vendor's stand

A elderly man stands in the back of a truck, resting before further unloading.

Colourful fruit is everywhere!

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