Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jaipur, India - Inner City (part 2)

As Raaj and I begin our walk around, I stand for a few minutes just trying to orient myself in the sea of chaos.  For what seems like 10 minutes, I simply observe my surroundings while trying to avoid getting run over by a bus or a camel.

A businessman stops in his car, looking back at a fellow driver while talking on his cell phone.

Looking up, a man is busy doing repair work on the side of a building

People are passing in front and behind me, negotiating their way around me as just one of thousands of obstacles.

People in the streets carry heavy packages on their backs, and some on their heads.

A colourful woman looks through her recent purchases

One block over, a long lineup of vendors offer the eye a sea of colour with fresh flowers made into decorative gifts. 

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