Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First few photos from Inda

Hi folks,
I arrived safely in India Monday night with my good friend Raaj.  We flew from our respective home regions (Ottawa & Detroit) to meet in Amsterdam, and then flew together to Delhi, India.  A very long journey spanning 10 1/2 hours of timezones. With layovers, an exhausting 24 hours of air travel.  From there, we stayed the night in the outskirts of Delhi and then had a car take us 5 hours across the northern India countryside to Jaipur.  This is my first time to India and I am somewhat without words to describe this place.  A magical experience filled with beauty, life, incredible food, warm sunny weather and plenty of traffic chaos.  There is no frame of reference to describe this place and so I grasp at words to share the experience.  Over the coming weeks that I am here, I will share images that I capture.  Though these do not do any justice to the experience, perhaps a collection of them will paint a picture that is worth sharing.


Miles of bright yellow, flowering fields line the sides of the highways for as far as the eye can see.  As the colour might suggest, these are mustard plants, the seeds of which are ground and turned into mustard oil.

At a roadside stop, a young girl performs a traditional Indian dance for me while her father stands behind playing music.  I hand her a 100 Rupee note and she smiles.  All around, the brilliant colours of women's clothing glow like neon lamps in the afternoon sun.

In the more densely populated city setting, chaotically busy roadways are shared by a sea of motorbikes, scooters, cars, trucks, camels and yes .. elephants!!


  1. Kevin

    What is a 100 rupee note worth in Canadian funds?


  2. Joe, 100 Rupees is roughly equiv to $2 CDN.