Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Shot today in Brockville, while remembering my father.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A new format

Hi folks,
Many of you have been following my work for quite some time through this email list.  I thank each of you for your kind words and encouragement over the past few years.
Last November, I had my first show at Ottawa StudioWorks! and several of you purchased my prints in order to enjoy them in your homes.

As I go forward, I am changing my format slightly to help you appreciate what these prints look like in their final state, framed, matted and hung on your wall.  The print is really made to be showcased within a frame and to show it without is not doing it justice.  So I hope you enjoy this new format.  I am including some images that I have framed as examples of the new format.

As you view the images that I send out, please know that these are for sale as fine art prints.  My pursuits don't end with the taking and publishing of these images; I also do fine art, archival quality printing.  If you see something that you would love to have hanging in your home or office, or something you think a friend would love as a gift, please contact me by email and I'll make sure that you receive a lovely print, matted and ready for framing.  For those that prefer convenience, I can also supply a complete finished product, framed and ready for hanging.

Thanks again for sharing in my photographic journey :)


Monday, June 11, 2012

Old Bones

In the rain, I crouch down in the wet grass of the river bank to capture this image of "old bones" protruding from the water.  And as I look closer, I can see that on these relics of the past, tiny bits of new life take hold.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

There's nothing to take a picture of...

When I first started my journey into photography, I often struggled with finding interesting subject matter to photograph.  I would look at other people's work and become inspired, but in my world the opportunities just weren't there; at least that's what it seemed.  The reality is quite different.  There are countless beautiful and interesting photo opportunities all around us; hundreds pass us by each day.  The issue isn't a lack of opportunities, the issue is that we don't see them.  With time and practice, we start to see more and more of them, appearing to us out of thin air.  Our eye becomes tuned to colour, light, texture and form and through this, a magical world presents itself, ripe for capture.  Things that we walk right past each day, begin to stand out.  Whether we're waiting in a restaurant, walking through a shopping mall, or home preparing a meal, it's all around us.  This is the practice of contemplative photography; the art of seeing.  We allow the image to present itself rather than hunting for it. It takes time and practice, but the experience is rewarding.  I carry my camera with me almost everywhere I go so that when something appears, I'm ready to capture it.

This image was captured last night in an Asian restaurant.  A simple picture of nothing, yet an intriguing image.

You can find more contemplative photography in my website gallery: