Friday, March 30, 2012

Seagull sobriety test

No words needed :)

Opening the good eye

Photography is all about the capture of light.  Some of the most interesting images come from photographers that have learned to see the light that surrounds us in ways that escape our every day lives.  It is a challenge to free one's mind from the preconceived images that form and instead to observe light, shadow, shape and texture without the notion of form.  This practice is taught as part of a discipline called Miksang.  I will be attending a workshop in Victoria next month as an introduction to this technique, titled "Opening the Good Eye".

The image below was captured yesterday and puts light, texture and pattern before form.  The light and shadow bend in interesting patterns.  The image is purposely rotated to free the mind from labelling it, allowing more time to appreciate the light without form.  If you rotate the image, you will more clearly see what it actually is.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Snowstorm in the Forest

With large snowflakes turning my jacket from black to white and melting into large droplets on my face, I stand patiently with my camera waiting for the perfect hue of purple that is created just moments before darkness.  Captured here are two scenes from a darkened forest filled with blowing snow; one serene and one slightly haunting.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A world of detail

I have driven by this area countless times, and over the past several months I have noted to myself that I wanted to photograph it.  Today, I made the trip out as the setting sun cast a warm glow on this scene.  The incredible depth of detail and the interesting pattern of vertical lines between the weeds and the trees make for an almost abstract image of nature.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Majestic loneliness

Strong blustering winds shove my car from side to side as I drive down the paved side road. I sense from the cold blue grey sky that snow is imminent.  As I fight to keep the car centred in the lane, I am struck by the image of a lonesome horse standing perfectly still in this stormy weather.  I pull to the side, put the four way flashers on and step down into the ditch, kneeling into the crusty snow to grab the shot.  As I return with the image, I notice that this horse continued to stand in near perfect stillness, barely moving; powerful, majestic and lonely.