Friday, November 23, 2012

Getting out of a photography rut

Hi folks,
For those of you that enjoy using your camera, I thought I would share some advice.  Whether you enjoy taking pictures or making works of art, you'll hit the occasional rut where you don't feel motivated to shoot.  For me, this happens after a great trip where I've been spoiled with photo worthy scenery in every direction.  I capture as much of it as I can and then when I get back to home base, I look around and think, "ugh, what now?".  It seems to me that when we travel, everything is fresh and new, so we truly SEE.  When we return home, our senses shut down again ... it's all too familiar.  This leads to the camera sitting for too long and can even lead to a gradual departure from photography.

One suggestion is to pick up the camera and look for light in tiny places.  Really open your eyes and look for light reflecting on something or illuminating something in a peculiar way and then try to capture it with your camera.  For me, it was wine glasses in front of a mirror.  The light was bouncing back and forth and when I really looked close, I could see the dazzling colours waiting to be photographed.  If you're in a rut, try this might find yourself shooting something you're proud of!


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