Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ascent into Light

This image stirs in me, primitive feelings of good and evil; light and darkness.  The crow seems to be headed into the light, escaping a forest of darkness and mist.  The deep blue hues combined with the darker exposure reinforce the moody nature of this image.

I hope that you enjoy receiving these images!  I create these for the joy of it, not as a business in any way.  That said, I would be proud to know that one of images became a favourite of yours and was hung on one of your walls to enjoy every day. The small amount of money that I make from print sales goes back into equipments, training and supplies to keep this hobby alive.  if you're stuck for a Christmas gift, perhaps consider some original artwork?  This image is available signed, framed and ready to wrap, starting at only $295!

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