Thursday, May 3, 2012

Golden highlights

A little girl sits for a moment with beautiful golden highlights in the background.  Though this image was shot today, for some reason it takes my mind to a scene by a lit Christmas tree.
Below, you'll find a bit of background on the lens used for this shot.

The Helios 40, 85mm f1.5 is a vintage 1950's Russian made lens, with the first one produced in 1954.  Unlike many of the Soviet lenses, this one is solidly built, very heavy and has huge clear optics.  Known as a bokeh monster, this lens has a rendering like none that I have ever seen.  At f1.5, and at 3-4ft from the subject, only about 2 inches remains in focus with the out of focus areas blurring into buttery bokeh.  The lens renders slightly soft, but creates gorgeous portraits and is known for its signature "swirly" bokeh that will appear in images with just the right specular highlights.

I was lucky enough to find a good deal on this lens with mint condition optics and then adapted it from its M42 Contax mount to fit a Nikon F mount.

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