Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dandelions at Sunset

I was driving home this evening when I was struck by a magical field of glowing dandelions.  I pulled to the side, grabbed my camera and quickly walked into the field.  With only minutes before the lighting would change, I struggled with how to capture this scene.  A field full of fluffy dandelion heads glowing in a soft yellow sunlight; it was breathtaking... but often what we see with the eye (and more importantly "feel") can be nearly impossible to translate into a photograph. With time ticking and an idea in mind, I dropped straight down to my belly, laying flat on the ground so that I could see the setting sun shining straight through the field of glowing dandelion heads.  I chose a very shallow depth of field in order to abstract the background into a brilliant glow with magical highlights. Then with exposure set and a manual focus, I released the shutter to capture the following scene.

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