Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Burning Bush

The fall colours are warm and vibrant but none that I have seen match the Incredible vibrant reds of the burning bush.  While most leaves have settle to the ground, this bush stands out as though it is on fire.  Today, it was further saturated by rain droplets that settled on these fiery leaves.

Monday, November 7, 2011

November Frost

After a late evening of printing and preparing works for the show later this month, I rose before the sun and headed out to capture the world as the sun rises.  A very cold night resulted in fabulous frost formations.  I travelled to a location that I had in mind and setup my tripod and gear before the sun crested the horizon.  As it rose, the sun cast beautiful yellows and oranges that served as a colourful backdrop and soft accent lighting for these images.  An hour later, my toes were frozen and fingers numb, but I had captured an exciting sequence of shots.

Bulky ice crystals form on this tiny leaf.  Each crystal is so tiny that collectively they are seen simply as frost.  A very close inspection turns a layer of snowy white frost into these incredible structures.  It is a wonder of nature that these delicate crystals form all on their own and then simply evaporate into thin air with the rising sun.  A daily magic trick for our enjoyment!

Long crystals of ice cling to these tiny twigs.  To the passerby, this is a mere coating of frost.  To the close observer, these micro crystals form shapes that resemble a spruce tree. 

A blade of field grass is wrapped in frost and waits patiently for the rising sun to thaw it.

A tiny curling leaf tells the story of transition from autumn to winter; autumn colours glow beneath a layer of icy crystals.

The top of a cattail head, loaded heavy with frost crystals

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A little street photography

An afternoon break from work, a coffee at a sidewalk cafe with a buddy, and some wonderful warm temperatures made for a great opportunity to shoot a bit of street photography.  This little boy was on his way out of the cafe with his mom.  Seen in this photo, he is lost in the magical world of childhood.