Monday, October 24, 2011

Memories of Summer

As the chilling November skies approach we are treated to the occasional reminder of summer.  Today, sprinkles of warm sunlight play hide and seek behind puffy clouds creating searchlights that pan across the landscape.  Standing in the cool breeze, I am captured by a beam of bright sun.  Soothing warmth on my face takes me back to summer for just a few moments.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A walk through the forest

The sun peaks through a canopy of yellow and lingering green.  A gentle breeze rustles the leaves and fills the air with a soft shimmering sound.  The scents of autumn leaves and pine needs fill the air.  In this abstract image, I have attempted to capture the feeling of standing in the forest as the sunlight penetrates the canopy and lights a pathway through the trees.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Horsin' around today

While returning from a shoot in the forest, I was driving along the back highways and glanced to the left to see these beautiful creatures, basking in the setting sun.  I could resist! I pulled over to the shoulder, grabbed my camera and began shooting.  Though the sun rises and sets every day and in theory, creates these wonderful lighting conditions over and over, It's only once in a while where it all lines up and you really get to see a great subject in such nice light. Check back on my blog in the coming days for some more great shots of these animals.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Autumn sun

A sunny afternoon brings a reminder of summer's warmth and shines brightly through the saturated yellow leaves of these large maples; a brief treat before the cold November winds arrive in a handful of weeks.  For something a little different today, I produced this image entirely in-camera, with no post-processing beyond simple tone adjustments.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sprucing up your imagination

This image was created from a simple shot of spruce tree limb tips.  The shot was decent, clean, but very ordinary.  Studying it longer, I saw potential for something fun in a mirror montage.  A bit of time in post-processing and the image below developed.  I love it because each person sees their own picture.  Look at it long enough and you can see different pictures.  For me, I see the head of a snake, it's jaws wide open, fangs protruding as though it is preparing to strike.  What do you see?

Autumn colours

In the brisk autumn air, the midday sun passes through the yellowing leaves causing them to glow brightly.  Standing before them, camera in hand, I listen to the rustling sounds and watch the twinkling of light passing between the leaves.  I imagine the camera perspective; shutting down my senses and seeing with only my eyes.  What I "see" does not do justice to the experience; it lacks movement and sound; there is no feeling from the sun flickering as it passes through the leaves.  I decide that I will capture this in a different way.  I raise my camera, meter the light, set exposure and then heavily defocus the image to capture the essence rather than the literal image.  The result is a soft glowing abstract image that conveys the feeling of the experience and the warmth of autumn colours.