Friday, February 25, 2011

A February trip to NYC

While it’s hardly an escape from the cold, it is a welcomed 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than home! Primarily a work visit, I was nevertheless able to scoot across the city to the Brooklyn side and position myself in a great vantage point, immediately below both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, with a terrific view of the New York City skyline. A few tough hours in the cold rewarded me with some great shots and some delicious NY Pizza at Grimaldi’s of Brooklyn.





Sunday, February 13, 2011


Following on from "A Glass of Red", I'll let your imagination fill in the explanation for the title of this image, "Corked!

62 of 365

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glass of Red

Sitting late yesterday evening, while I was enjoying a glass of red, I was thinking about the lovely shape of my wine glass and the deep red colour that is slightly illuminated by the light passing through it.  I decided to grab some lighting equipment and my camera and with some time, I captured this image.

From the vineyards of Italy, A Glass of Red

 61 of 365

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eye of the Storm

After concluding a photo shoot this snowy evening, I head home thinking that I have at least a few worthy captured images.  On route, my attention is drawn to these trees, backlit by a bright flood light that is illuminating the falling snow.  The tree limbs block the light and cast bands of shadows through the snow.  I think to myself, "wow, that would be a great photo" and then keep driving.  Seconds later, I think .. "it isn't going to be a great photo if I don't take it!"  I stop, turn around and drive back, position myself on the side of the highway and jump out on foot.  A short while later, I realize that this simple step rewarded me with the most interesting photo of the night.  

On a dark, blustery night, a bright floodlight seemingly fills the air with snow and creates the feeling of the "eye of the storm".

60 of 365

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Harry Nowell Photography, Pro Program Social

Despite the largest winter storm of the season, almost everyone made it out for the evening. Dinner and drinks at the Heart & Crown on Preston St. was great and then a chance to share in everyone’s work. It’s always amazing to see the different approaches that we take and the surprisingly great outcomes! Looking forward to the next get together!

Content added

The image libraries were updated today along with some adjustments to make the galleries flow a little better. I’m using RapidWeaver for the core web authoring and purchased a snap-in called Stacks which really helped out with the layout for the galleries.

Overall, now that I’m getting used to RapidWeaver and getting exposed to some excellent plug-ins, I have to say that my frustration is behind me and I’m quite impressed with the simple but extremely powerful authoring capabilities. If your focus is on the content and not on a technical web coding, I would highly recommend checking out RapidWeaver. It seems overly simple on the surface, but when you see the power of the add-ins, it’s amazing what you can accomplish without a stitch of HTML, CSS, PHP or any other web technologies ... it’s all done for you behind the scenes and it just works.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Website is up!

Only a start, but the website is up and functioning. There are a good number of evening hours still required to get this up and functioning with content.