Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shine wherever you are!

"I wish I made more money", "I want a better job", "I'll be happier if..." "I don't like the way that person treats me", "My boss is a ...", "it feels like the world is against me", "I'm always broke"'s easy to get discouraged and become down with all of life's challenges.  I read a book recently that made a very important point. "Blossom wherever you're planted." Stop trying to change the world around you and accept where you are. If you're in a field of weeds, stop trying to pull them all out, rather learn to blossom among the weeds.

On a cold winter night, this man stands alone with his guitar, barely noticed by people passing by. He stops frequently to warm his bare hands in the freezing temperatures. His guitar case is open for donations but it's nearly empty. For most of us, the reality of this scene is a bit grim and many of us would pack up and leave. But this man isn't bitter. As I approach him, I see that he isn't frowning ... he's smiling. In his world, he is on stage with the spotlights blazing and he is belting out the tunes, echoing through the tunnel for everyone to hear. He is shining bright, blossoming in a field of weeds, an example for all of us to find our happiness right where we are.

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