Monday, August 22, 2011


I shot this image a week ago or so and I love it.  It conveys a sense of tranquility experienced in a canoe.  I have a Theory of why this image appeals to me so much but I'll let you form your own opinion!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Leader of the pack

Some were born to lead, others to follow.  In this early morning image, I capture the lead Cormorant, making the way for the others that follow,

Beneath the surface

As the morning sun waits just below the horizon, gentle waves catch the light of a new day.  In this soft glow, what is hidden beneath the surface is partially revealed.  We get a glimpse of something deeper, while preserving a sense of mystery.

There are parallels between this image and people.  Often, we see only the surface; the outer person while the inner remains hidden.  Occasionally, in a soft moment, we get a fleeting glimpse of something beneath the surface and it changes our perspective.  Only after considerable time do we come to know the true complexities of a person, and more often than not, we find they are more similar to us than different.