Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Roadtrip - Montreal Biodome

During the March break, we took a trip to Montreal to visit the Biodome and explore the worlds within it. It was a fun trip that included a stop for bagels, steamers (steamed hotdogs for those readers that aren’t familiar with Montreal cuisine :) and genuine Montreal poutine.

Biodome features multiple natural climates within a giant dome. Our favourite was the Brazilian Rainforest where we experienced a lush, hot, humid jungle filled with life including monkeys, tropical birds, alligators, bats and many other critters. The animals were mostly free to roam wherever they wanted and we basically walked through their world. Thankfully, the alligators did not also have free roam!

A fun trip captured in a few of these photographs.

Also, as a side-note -- it would appear that I must have had a bit of a foot fetish going on during this trip! Though I was not aware of it during the shoot, I seemed to have developed a theme of capturing “feet”.



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