Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eye of the Storm

After concluding a photo shoot this snowy evening, I head home thinking that I have at least a few worthy captured images.  On route, my attention is drawn to these trees, backlit by a bright flood light that is illuminating the falling snow.  The tree limbs block the light and cast bands of shadows through the snow.  I think to myself, "wow, that would be a great photo" and then keep driving.  Seconds later, I think .. "it isn't going to be a great photo if I don't take it!"  I stop, turn around and drive back, position myself on the side of the highway and jump out on foot.  A short while later, I realize that this simple step rewarded me with the most interesting photo of the night.  

On a dark, blustery night, a bright floodlight seemingly fills the air with snow and creates the feeling of the "eye of the storm".

60 of 365

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