Thursday, February 3, 2011

Content added

The image libraries were updated today along with some adjustments to make the galleries flow a little better. I’m using RapidWeaver for the core web authoring and purchased a snap-in called Stacks which really helped out with the layout for the galleries.

Overall, now that I’m getting used to RapidWeaver and getting exposed to some excellent plug-ins, I have to say that my frustration is behind me and I’m quite impressed with the simple but extremely powerful authoring capabilities. If your focus is on the content and not on a technical web coding, I would highly recommend checking out RapidWeaver. It seems overly simple on the surface, but when you see the power of the add-ins, it’s amazing what you can accomplish without a stitch of HTML, CSS, PHP or any other web technologies ... it’s all done for you behind the scenes and it just works.

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